This is a new series on our blog, from the dad’s point of view – Dad’s diary. It will be a personal description of destinantions we’ve been to.

_X3A9120It was early in the morning and as I was listening to the voices of the gibbons far in the distance and sounds of pigs and roosters nearby I finally realized where exactly am I. Geographically really not so far from the town of Padang but still in completely different world. Weekends on Siberut island are always something special. As a kind of holidays. Families with kids visit their grandparents deep in the jungle and in those 2 days the tropical forest becomes full of joy and that special kids energy. 

_X3A8089Immediately after breakfast I was watching kids catching wild birds (they put flower on a stick, which is rubbed with a natural glue from a neighboring tree – bird lands on a branch and stay there because of the glue).

_X3A8110Then it was time for some rooster fights.

_X3A8442After lunch I went to catch some fish with shaman wife in the river nearby and at the end of the day it was time to explore the jungle with the shaman itself. And those hours were really something special. Probably I will never forget it.