Mauritius, an island off the east coast of Africa is well known among tourists. Even though people usually connect it with resort tourism and maybe also as an idyllic tropical wedding destination, it is much more than this. It’s very easy to travel, safe and if you escape from expensive resort it’s also budget friendly. The island has practically everything a traveler want –  good choice of different accommodations, good food, a bit of history, amazing sea coast, wildlife and some amazing outdoor activities. Here is our Mauritius – things not to miss list.


PORT LUIS – horse race

Well, you have to visit capital city of Mauritius that lies right next to the sea. It’s picturesque, full of energy and all kind of voices and smiles. 🙂 You have to stop at the main market where you can buy some tropical fruits, something for a quick lunch or maybe some souvenirs. You can stroll around the harbour area and you definitely have to visit Champ de Mars Racecourse, built in 1812. The racing season in Mauritius runs from late March to early December and its well worth to visit a race.


Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden and Grand Baie church

This amazing botanical garden is a must see destination on the island. Its a place where you can escape from crowds, fill your body with energy and explore fauna of this island. You can simply spend hours wandering around.

Bois Cheri tea plantation

Bois Cheri tea plantation is an institution on the island. Its a perfect location where you can find out everything about tea and at the end also try the best of the best.


Hike the southern coast – from Le Morne to Maconde

Mauritius offers so many different outdoor activities that is hard to choose one. The cheapest one is of course hiking and the hike at the southern edge of the island is easy and picturesque. You can start at La Morne and just follow the coastline. You can stop at the village and watch daily local life. You can stop on secluded beach and have a dip… Or just enjoy. 🙂


Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth and Chamarel waterfall

This 2 attractions are a perfect example of the natural beauty of the island. Chamarel waterfall is a movie like waterfall in the middle of tropical jungle forest and Chamarel Coloured Earth is  – well you have to visit it.


Grand Bassin, a sacred Hindu lake

Grand Bassin lake is considered the most sacred Hindu place in Mauritius. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and other Gods. During the main festival most of the devotees leave their homes and start a journey to Grand Bassin on foot. It has been a tradition that volunteer people offer foods and drinks to the pilgrims (the devotees). No one knows the depth of Ganga Talao lake.


Explore Rodrigues island

Rodrigues island is a secret jam. Not so many people know about it and I hope that it will last. Its a 2h drive by plane to reach it and after that it’s hard to leave it. 🙂 Believe me. 🙂 It’s a special place, totally different from Mauritius and if you are looking for a place a bit off the beaten track – you should visit it. Its a great island for outdoor activities – snorkelling, diving, fishing, hiking… The best way to explore it and feel it is to stay at one of the guesthouses and just wander around by foot or public buses. You definitely have to visit giant tortoise and go on an island hoping around the islands in a vast lagoon.

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