Last week we published the gift guide for travelers and adventurers and now it’s finally time for a gift guide for little explorers. These 5 items come extremely handy for kids who travel and love outdoor activities.


1. Head torch

A head torch is a useful piece of equipment for traveling, adventuring or just for a winter evening stroll around your neighbourhood. Children love it! We take them on every travel, hike (you never know if you are going to go down the mountain in the dark – it happens often to us), camping trip, … I could go on and on.


2. Active travel books for kids

I discovered these fun and educational travel books from Tava adventures and Leap and Hop just recently and I love the concept! It’s such a pity we didn’t have one on our USA road trip couple of years ago or in Cambodia earlier this year. Our son would love them!


3. Binocular

A kids friendly binocular is a fun outdoor piece of equipment for kids. We carry it everywhere we go and thanks to this thing Jaka claims that he has spotted Nessie in Loch Ness. 😉 It helped him to spot some REAL animals too on our jungle treks, while hiking in the mountains and on safari. Outdoor adventures get even more exiting with it!


4. Uno cards

I’m pretty sure you all already know and own this card game, because it’s an easy and fun game everyone can play, even smaller children. It’s great because it takes literally no space and you can carry it wherever you go and play it wherever you want.


5. Safari Hat

Indiana Jones already knew the benefits of this kind of hat! It gives great sun protection not only for face, but for neck and ears too. Our kid doesn’t wear it only when traveling to exotic places, but for playing in the park or in the backyard too.