If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your adventure buddy this gift guide for travelers and adventurers will help you find something that will make him or her smile. We rounded up 10 quality items we already own and are very satisfied with or are planning to purchase.


1. Split Gadgets Dome

A GoPro Dome is the right thing for someone who would like to make great half-half underwater photos! Using just a GoPro you will never get such results. I know, it’s another piece of equipment you have to carry with you, but believe me – if you are on a perfect beach vacation, you will be so glad you brougt it with you!


2. Sleeping pad

Every adventurer needs a sleeping pad. This one is good and budget friendly. You can not compare it to those inflated, but it’s a long-time favourite of backpackers who like to carry lightweight bags. It’s comfortable and offers good thermal insulation. Can serve many uses too – for a seat on a break or around campfire or as a support for a backpack.


3. Sleeping sheet

When traveling to parts that don’t have good accomodation facilities, or if you just love the comfort of your own bedding, the sleeping sheet comes very handy. We love our silk sleeping sheet because is breathable and absorbent in warm weather and in cold conditions helps insulate. It’s said also that the bed bugs are more unlikely to get to you trough silk. We have each one its own and we love them because it’s extremely pleasant for skin, it dries quickly and beside all previous reasons it takes little space and it’s very lightweight.


4. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are very helpful when it comes to organize your travel bag, no matter if you are traveling with a backpack or a suitcase. You can use different packing cubes for different type of clothing and for each family member different color cube to easily find the right clothes. By rolling your clothes you will also maximize the space in your packing cube and therefore also in your travel bag.


5. Collapsible travel bottle

This collapsible water bottle is super adventure-friendly. When empty you can fold it, flatten or roll it and it takes very little space. When full it stands and holds 0,7L. It’s BPA free and has an integrated carabiner to clip to your pack.


6. Quick drying travel towel

A quick drying towel takes less room, is lighter and dries much more quickly than a regular towel. It’s perfect for traveling, for a beach vacation (ladies can wear it also instead of a sarong if necessary) and for camping as well.


7. Solar panels

Now, that we have so many batteries to charge every day – from smartphones to GoPro or a photo camera, we would miss so much if we couldn’t fill our batteries while adventuring in the wild or in places without electricity. In those cases we found very helpful our solar panels and the additional battery. We got it from Voltaic and we carry them on our travels, hikes … almost everywhere! This is a very useful piece of equipent and we would recommend it to every adventurer who spends a lot of time in wild places.


8. Hammock

Everybody likes hammocks. From relaxing under trees on the beach to a mountain escape or a nap on a home terasse – you can take it everywhere. We have already two at home, but I would love to have also one like this:


9. Multifunctional travel scarf

We never go on a trip without our multifunctional scarfs. It depends on each person what kind of scarf prefers. I have a cotton one that I bought in Vietnam and it serves as a quite warm scarf, to cover my head and hair, I can wrap it around myself as a sarong, use it as a pillow etc … Mat has an travel scarf that protects his head from sand, gives warmth to his neck if it’s cold… Jaka uses his multi function scarf as a head scarf, neck warmer, ear warmer and for many more uses.

10. Dry bag

On island hopping, traveling by boat, canoeing or just if you get caught by the rain – a drybag can be life-saver for your stuff and your electronics. We have many of them, for different occasions, but we find the most useful our Duffle bag for luggage and Ferrino dry bag for our electronics.


These are things that we use frequently while traveling or adventuring. We hope we gave you some ideas for this year’s presents.

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