When we were planning our three months trip to Asia earlier this year we knew we will spend some time in a tropical paradise like Banyak archipelago. We were fans of those split photos that are half underwater, half above the water, so we knew we had to have a GoPro Dome with us when we start our trip.

We already had our GoPro camera, but the split photos with it were just not the right thing. When we got our GoPro Dome it changed our photos dramatically. This was what we were looking for! We got perfect photos and from the moment we published the first photo, we got so many questions about how we did it.

It’s simple! You need a GoPro camera and a GoPro Dome. We got our Dome from Split Gadgets and in the package we got GoPro Dome, underwater housing for our GoPro camera, holding stick and very useful neoprene protection against any scratches on our Dome. The Split Gadgets Dome is available in two forms, depending on the model of GoPro camera that you have at home. We have a GoPro 4 Silver Edition.


For better photos by using a GoPro Dome you should follow these tips:

    1. Don’t keep your Dome exposed to the sun, cover it up with a piece of cloth or put in in the shade. When it’s exposed to the sun, it gets foggy. You can also buy Anti fog inserts, which you insert into your GoPro casing.
    2. For the best photos you will need a lot of sun that will light also your underwater part of photo.
    3. If you’re a new owner of a Dome, you will need some practice to understand how deep you have to dip it and what is the best position according to the sun. If you have problems with reflextion, just turn your Dome a little bit to the right or left and normally it will dissapear.
    4. If you choose the setup “timelapse” and settings 0.5 seconds or 1 second, you will get best photos for your quick actions.
This is such a fun way to make some great photos of you and your kids! We intended to use it just in the sea, but we played with it also in swimming pools and got some interesting shots.
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