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WHAT: Erg Chigaga, the most remote sand dunes in Morocco.

WHERE: Morocco, 50 km west of the town of M’Hamid.     29°47’37.23″N     6° 8’48.96″W

HOW TO GET THERE: the Erg Chigaga sand dunes can be reached in a 4×4 from the town of M’Hamid. To M’Hamid is about 7-8 hours by car from Marrakesh and 5 hours from Ourzazate. At M’Hamid the road ends, after it there’s only sand, shepherds and trails of caravans.

WHEN: European spring (around April and May).

WHAT TO DO: accessible only by 4×4, camel or on foot, Erg Chigaga remains quite untouched. A camel trekking to the sand sea, climbing the tallest dune and sleeping in a desert camp can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

TIPS: don’t walk barefoot or in sandals on the sunny side of dunes. In the middle of the day the sand gets very hot and you can burn your feet.


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