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WHAT: Rubjer Knude Lighthouse – an abandoned lighthouse that is almost completely buried by a gigantic migrating sand dune.

WHERE: Denmark, near the town of Lønstrup,  57°26’56.07″N    9°46’27.71″E

HOW TO GET THERE: From Løkken take Route 55 northeast, turn left onto Lønstrupvej and after a couple of kilometers there is a free car park. From there it takes approximately half an hour to reach the lighthouse.

WHEN: all year round. On a windy day the sand in the air can be a bit uncomfortable.

WHAT TO DO: take a hike through fields and climb the dune hills to the lighthouse that sits between two huge sand dunes. Once you are there enjoy in spectacular views on the dunes and the North sea and observe the ruthless forces of nature.

TIPS: Enjoy the dunes and the lighthouse before it is taken by the ocean as lighthouse will probably collapse into the sea in about 15 years due to the coastal erosion. On a windy day bring sunglasses and windproof clothes – the sand is so fine you will have it everywhere.

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Lighthouse buried in sand