The glacial Lake Bohinj is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia and although less known than nearby Lake Bled, very popular spot for outdoor activities. Visiting Bohinj with kids can be a very nice experience, especially if you love outdoors.


We are huge lovers of the Bohinj area and we are lucky enough to live just one hour drive away. All seasons have their charm at Lake Bohinj, but we visit it most often during summer months, when we find coolness and peacefulness there.
The 4 km long and 1 km wide lake is located inside the only national park in Slovenia – Triglav National Park and surrounded by the lovely Julian Alps.
Because the surrounding of the lake has not so many tourist infrastructure it’s still not really overwhelmed by mass tourism and it has a lot of secluded good spots to enjoy the lake. There is a variety of outdoor activities to do, from paragliding to skiing and rock climbing, but here are our top 4 free (or very cheap) fun things to do in Bohinj with kids:

1. Hiking

There are many great hiking options in this region, for different type of physical conditions. When you are in Bohinj, it’s almost necessary to visit one of the viewpoints, from where you can enjoy in beautiful vistas of the lake, surrounded by mountains. One of them is the viewpoint Peč, easy to reach – it takes approx. 30 min walk with small kids from the lake (Stara Fužina) on a well marked forest path. You can hike all way around the lake as well. It takes 4-5 hours.


2. Cycling

If you are staying in Bohinjska Bistrica, there is a great, 6 km long cycling path from there to Lake Bohinj. The paved path runs along the Sava river, trough picturesque alpine villages, meadows and forest. Most of the path is trafficless and is suitable for families with children as well. If you are going the opposite way (from the lake) you can refresh yourself in the Sava river at the campsite Danica in Bohinjska Bistrica (or anywhere else along the river) and then turn back to the lake.


3. Paddling

One of the most beautiful ways to explore Lake Bohinj with kids is by kayak or canoe. The water on the lake is calm, so it’s perfect for paddling and exploring it by yourself with a little help from your kids. There are a lot of places by the lake where you can rent a canoe or kayak. There’s also other advantage of paddling here – you can find beautiful small secluded beaches just for you.


4. Swim & relax

The water of the lake is clean and has the right temperatures for swimming, especially on summer days when everywhere else is extremely hot. It’s worth taking a ride along the lake to find a perfect spot for you – even in the peak season you can find a spot where it’s not crowded. Bring a snorkelling mask and you will discover amazing world also under water.

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