On really hot summer days in Ljubljana, when the heat is almost unbearable, one of the great options to refresh yourself is to make a tour and go trekking in Iška river gorge. It’s located near Iška village, on the edge of Ljubljana marshes, where the (usually very cold) Iška river made its way trough the landscape and made an amazing gorge. Here you can enjoy in peaceful environment in the middle of unspoiled nature, just 10 minutes drive from Ljubljana.

How to do it

There’s a trail that goes on one side of the river and leads trough the forest, but all the time you walk close to the river. In summer we prefer to walk right up stream of the river. The river it’s not so cold then anymore and very pleasant for bathing. It’s not hard to walk in the riverbed, children can do it as well, on your way you can swim in natural pools and enjoy on small beaches.

The river itself is still left natural, without human made things on shores. There’s a hut at the beginning of the trail where you can order a drink or something to eat.

What do you need

For this tour you don’t need money or expensive equipment. A pair of sneakers that give you a good grip on wet rocks in the canyon, bathing suit, a bottle of water and a towel will be just enough. If you find someone for company, even better!