The Soča Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in Slovenia. It has everything – amazing mountains, numerous waterfalls, lots of outdoor activities and most of all – the gorgeous river Soča with its unique turquoise colour. Since there are so many things to see and do and it’s impossible to squeeze everything in a short holiday, we will describe this time just the best waterfalls in Soča valley – from Tolmin to Log pod Mangart area. These places are so dear to us that we keep visiting them even if they are not right in our backyard and we have to drive couple of hours to get there. They are quite easily accessible for families too.



The most famous of all waterfalls in this region is Kozjak waterfall. You can find it near Kobarid in Soča Valley. From the parking area there’s a cute trail where you’re first passing by meadows, then forest and when you are slowly approaching the waterfall, you walk trough a spectacular gorge where you cross a tiny river several times. When you turn around the corner and you take the fist glimpse of the hidden waterfall in a rocky amphiteater, it just takes your breath away.


Not far away from Tolmin there’s a pretty waterfall called Sopota. It’s a 62 m high waterfall that falls over a high rock wall in a pool surrounded by large boulders in a picturesque area. The place is not well known so you can expect a quiet walk trough the forest to the waterfall. There’s a beautiful viewpoint just few meters from the waterfall and it’s a perfect place to just rest and recharge your batteries.


In Kobarid area you can find another pretty waterfall, Krampež. On the way of the easy 30 min walk to it, you pass a nice waterfall Supot, and it takes just few minutes from there to Krampež. It’s just 19 m tall, but it falls in a nice pool in green surroundings and has a calm atmosphere.


This charming, 20 m wide waterfall, under which there’s a fascinating pool of green shades, lies not far away from Bovec. The brave ones can take a dip into it, because the water is quite chilly, others will enjoy just in relaxing on the mossy rocks under it and admire the fairytale scene. Not far away you will find the source of this waterfall – Gljun, that has an amazing setting between rocks covered with moss.


On the way from Log pod Mangartom to Predel pass, you will spot a table to Zaročenca waterfall. This trail leads trough a beautiful forest and after 20 minutes of easy walking you reach the riverbed from where you can already see the spectacular 30 m high waterfall. The waterfall got its name from the two waterfalls that merged into one (like two lovers), but the rock that was dividing them fall off during a strong storm and just one waterfall remained.