In these hot summer months it’s so pleasant to be near a nice, cool water. Whether it is a lake, river or the sea. Water sports are fun, you enjoy a good time and do some exercise too, and whenever you want you can take a dip in the water under you.


For those who like to be active on a hot summer day too, there’s a lot of amazing places to see from a different perspective. Whether you’re experienced or just a beginner, these spots are some of the best destinations for paddling in Slovenia:


1. Kayaking on Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is a must see when visiting Slovenia. No matter if you are on SUP, kayak or canoe (or a floaty) – paddling on the calm, greenish-blue water, surrounded by mountains is very relaxing and when you want to take a break, just take a refreshing jump into the crystal clear water or settle down on one of many tiny beaches on the shore.

There are many rental places for canoes and SUP-s around the lake.

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2. Discovering Ljubljana city centre by SUP

Going right trough the city centre of the capital of Slovenia by SUP is truly a magnificent experience! It’s a great way to see the hustle and bustle of the streets of Ljubljana, the castle, the beautiful architecture of many city sights – all from a totally different perspective.

You can rent SUP-s and canoes in SupKlub, on the Ljubljanica river bank, 10 minutes walking from the city centre. There’s the best place to learn how to stand up paddle and have SUP lessons there and you can rent a SUP for several days too – ideal for go paddling on all places mentioned here during your stay in Slovenia!


3. Kayaking on lake Most na Soči

Soča is a true gem when it comes to rivers of Slovenia. Its turquoise water just calls for a dip! But it’s quite cold, that’s why the best way to experience it is by kayak, SUP or canoe. Paddling on the Most na Soči lake will take you under the bridges where the Soča and Idrijca rivers meet, passing the magnificent cliffs, tiny water sources and lush forest.

You can rent canoes by the lake.


4. Cerknica lake by canoe

The largest lake in Slovenia – lake Cerknica almost disappears in the mid summer, that’s why it’s not possible to paddle there between late June and September. But in other months, when there is water, it’s just stunning to take a canoe and paddle in a peaceful atmosphere among tall reed, waterlilies and dense forests for the backdrop. In June the water is pleasantly warm for swimming too.

You can rent canoes at the beginning of the lake.


5. From Izola to Piran by kayak

Slovenia has not a lot of sea coast, but the trip from Izola to Piran on the sea is something special. On one side you can admire old towns, cliffs and beaches, on the other (if the weather is clear) you can see the Alps an Italian coast.

All places mentioned above are suitable for SUP, kayak or canoe. There are many great places to go paddling on rapids too in Slovenia, but I will leave it for an other post.