The Isle of Skye is one of the most beautiful and easy accessible islands in Scotland. It’s a real treat for all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts and there you will find all kind of typical Scottish scenery. Everything from high cliffs, pristine nature, beautiful beaches, pools and waterfalls – perfect for great walks and hikes.

We spent four days there, but would gladly spend more if we had time, there’s so much to see and do. Yo can see our itinerary here and our Scotland travel summary here.

Below are the best and most memorable hikes we did on the Isle of Skye. All of them are quite easy and doable with kids.


1. Old man of Storr

This otherwordly landscape is already well known and well worth exploring and hiking even in the moody Scottish weather. The scenery with those iconic pinnacles is simply stunning.

The best way to experience it is to start your hike as early as possible to get to the viewpoint before sunrise. Just before the sunrise and at sunrise itself the colors are most dramatic and there are not many people as during the day. The hike to the viewpoint takes about one hour and it’s quite steep at the end.


2. Neist Point

Neist Point is located at the most westerly tip of the island and a little bit off the main road. But well worth the few extra km to get there. It’s the most popular place for watching sunset on the Isle of Skye. You can take the 2.2 km long hike on the path to the lighthouse that takes about an hour. It’s quite steep at some points, but it offers amazing views of the lighthouse and high cliffs.

There’s a great vista of the lighthouse and cliffs at sunset just uphill from the car park.


3. Quiraing

Together with Old man of Storr, Quiraing is for us the most stunning and breathtaking place on the Isle of Skye, if not in whole Scotland.

On a clear day the almost 7 km long hike it’s a pure delight for your eyes and soul. The views over high cliffs and rock structures, small lakes and the sea are surreal. Even if you don’t take the whole loop, it’s a hike to remember. As for Old Man of Storr, be sure to be there before sunrise for the most magical lights and views.


4. Talisker beach

The short and easy walk from the road to Talisker beach is a great choice, especially for families. The bay is located on the West Coast of Isle of Skye, 15 min drive from Talisker Distillery. It has spectacular setting between impressive cliffs with a waterfall and grey sand with big stones to add to the scene. It’s about 20 minutes walk to get there. The views are breathtaking and the whole experience at this quiet beach at sunset is mesmerising.


5. Fairy pools

These pools are famous for the crystal clear blue water colour and stunning surrounding landscape. It’s a line of waterfalls flowing down a hill while creating pools of all sizes and for those who are brave enough – for wild swimming.

The walk to the pools is quite flat and easy. It takes about 40 minutes one way, upstream, crossing the stream a few times. It’s a pleasant hike with spectacular scenery, but be prepared for lots of people.