Welcome to our special series, Family Trips Worldwide. In this series we post short facts about a cool place from various parts of the world that is great for a family trip. This time we present you the short hike to the white chalk cliffs of Denmark.

WHAT: Møns Klint, white chalk cliffs that stretch along 6 km on the Denmark’s south east coast.

WHERE: Denmark, the island of Møn.  54°57’59.06″N  12°33’5.30″E

HOW TO GET THERE: less than 2 hours by car from Copenhagen. You can park your car at the GeoCenter Møns Klint and start your hike from there. The wooden trail leads you to the top of the cliffs and down to the shoreline.

WHEN: all year round.

WHAT TO DO: Take the lovely trail that wave trough woodland and go all the way dow to the shoreline – you will discover a totally different view from down there. On your way you will experience superb views over Baltic Sea. There’s quite a few steps to reach the beach, but it’s not a a difficult walk, even a 3 year old child can do it.

TIPS: spend some time on the beach and go fossil hunting in the white chalk cliffs. On your way back you can visit Northern Europe’s most modern science centre –  GeoCenter Møns Klint.