Sweden is a very attractive country. It’s a rich mixture of beautiful cities, history and the landscapes that are wild and diverse, taking in everything from green countryside to never ending, dense forests, black lakes and frozen glaciers. The big cities like Stockholm are really great, but for a truly amazing Swedish experience you have to go to the countryside.

We started our 2 weeks journey in Southeast Sweden in Malmö (Ales Stenar), went slowly to the north trough the eastern coast all the way to Abisko NP and then went south and ended our trip in the Southwest Sweden.

Above is the map of our journey and below is our Sweden itinerary with the places we have visited.


Day 1: Malmö – Ales Stenar

Day 2: Ales Stenar – lakes of SE Sweden

Day 3: lakes of SE Sweden – Kalmar – Öland

Day 4: Öland

Day 5: Öland – Stockholm

Day 6: Stockholm

Day 7: Stockholm

Day 8: Stockholm – Umeå

Day 9: Umeå – Abisko NP

Day 10: Abisko NP – Mora

Day 11: Mora – Rättvik – Siljan lake

Day 12: Rättvik – Smögen

Day 13: Smögen – Fjällbacka

Day 14: Fjällbacka – Tanum

Day 15: Tanum – Oslo

We had two weeks for discovering Sweden and I think in this time you can see quite a lot. You can extend or shorten your itinerary and still experience lots of great things.
We traveled wit our own car which was great especially when we were searching for wild swimming in the amazing black lakes in SE Sweden. We were camping all the time. There are great campsites in Sweden and if you like, you can do wild camping too. Most of the time we did self catering and this way we saved a lot.
Here is a short description of places we have visited with some photos.

Ales Stenar

A  1400 year old hilltop stone monument that reminds of Stonhenge in England. But this megalitic site is free of charge, you can walk among the giant stones and have them all for yourself if you are there in the right part of the day.

The magical lakes of Southeast Sweden

There are numerous lakes on Sweden. Even if you don’t know the area, you can easily find a lake that is suitable for swimming. In mid August, when we were traveling there, it was warm enough to take a dip and stay in the water for some time.


Kalmar is a cute city on the Baltic Sea, in southeast Sweden. It’s known for the Kalmar Castle, cobbled streets and well-preserved historic buildings. Great for an afternoon stroll.


What can we say about Öland? It’s Sweden in miniature and worth exploring it for couple of days. You can find there everything a visitor wants and besides all there were forests full of bluberries waiting for us to pick them!


This beautiful and very interesting city did a big impression on us. Its architecture, the super cute old town, countless galleries, museums, the water that surrounds you on every corner – the whole package is just amazing.

Abisko National Park

Abisko is situated in Lapland near the Norwegian border. It’s known for its natural beauty, wildlife and for being a great place for outdoor activities. We did couple of long walks and enjoyed in the stunning environment.

Towns on the Swedish west coast: Smögen, Fjällbacka

Smögen and Fjällbacka are tiny towns, but the colourful and picturesque little fishing cottages and impressive rocks on the seashore makes it a popular tourist destination and are one of the liveliest “summer towns” of the Swedish west coast. 

Rock Carvings in Tanum

In Tanum you can find Rock Carvings, an UNESCO world heritage site – one of the larger rocks of Bronze Age petroglyphs in Scandinavia.