Slovenia is known for its lush forests, nice towns, amazing mountains and landscapes. But few people know that although it has not a lot of sea coast, there is quite a lot of opportunities for (wild) swimming and refreshing during hot summer days. Here are best places to have a dip in Slovenia from our point of view – family friendly, safe and enjoyable!

1. Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is a national pride. With its clear greenish-blue water and mountains for the backdrop this alpine lake makes a picture perfect place for summer. The water is quite chilly, but in hot summer months is just the right temperature to jump in. Even in the most visited part of summer you can find a nice little beach just for yourself. There are plenty of outdoor activities too – renting a canoe for example can spice up your whole Bohinj experience.

2. Cerknica lake

Cerknica lake is an intermitten lake that almost disappears in the mid summer and then again fills up in September or later. With it’s warm water makes an enjoyable swimming place in June. A great way to explore this biggest lake in Slovenia is by boat (you can rent canoe at the beginning of the lake) and find your perfect place to take a dip or maybe jump from the bridge.

3. Bele skale beach near Strunjan

On the coast from Izola to Strunjan you can find the nicest beaches in Slovenia. The best ones, like Bele Skale, are accessible only by foot or by boat. But the hike is not long and it’s well worth it.

The last two are for the brave ones:

4. Grmečica waterfall

This waterfall is situated near Bohinjska Bistrica, from the parking place it takes 20 minutes to reach it. The pool under the waterfall is a great place for a quick jump for those who don’t mind cold water and some Kneipp treatment. 🙂 This place is well known for canyoning as well.

5. Virje waterfall

In the Bovec region there’s a nice waterfall Virje. You have to take a short walk to reach it and once you are there the emerald green pool will offer you a great, but very refreshing swimming experience. 😉

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