Tuscany is a destination everybody knows and wants to add it to their bucketlist. It attracts with it’s rich history, beautiful cities, great culinary experiences and a hint of romance.


We are lucky enough to live just 5 hours drive from it and if you ask us, there are not many regions in Europe that can compete with it. It’s a great place to travel with kids as there are so many attractions with charming romantic stories and beautiful natural places to enjoy and explore.

Do you want to escape heards of tourists that are overwhelming Tuscany every year? Do you want to experience also some attractions that are not on usual tourist map? Then you are at the right place. Tuscany has so much to offer. We are sure you read about Firenze, Siena and other major attractions houndreds of times, that’s why today we will present you 5 places in Tuscany, south of the town of Siena that are not so famous but still well worth to put it into your itinerary.



Pienza is a tiny hilltop town in southern Tuscany with extraordinary views over the Val d’Orcia valley that surrounds it. It’s a lovely place to visit and escape from the crowds of biggest tuscan towns and in the meantime enjoy in it’s breathtaking architecture and rainassance charm. Staying in Pienza or in some of many farm houses nearby makes a perfect base for exploring this beautiful area.




Val d’Orcia is our favourite part of Tuscany and extends on the hills south of Siena. With its rolling hills, cypress lined drives and charming little hillside towns makes a classical Tuscan image from the postcards and photography books. This area is photographers and nature lovers paradise, as the views are to die for and no wonder it’s listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. When you drive trough the countryside and you see a nice area, just leave the asphalt road, follow a paved road up the hills and witout a doubt you will find gorgeous vistas.




Pitigliano is an impressive small hill town built directly on the cliff rocks. By wandering trough the narrow streets it seems that life runs with a different pace, it’s like the town remained in another era. It’s situated on the south of Tuscany, away from the majority tourist routes. This part of Tuscany is rich in Etruscan remains and it’s interesting to youngest and oldest ones. You can explore the spectacular walkways of Vie Cave or get lost in the underground tunnels underneath Pitigliano. Not far away you can take a bath and warm up in Terme Saturnia’s natural hot waterfalls.




This natural, wild hot springs created by the water that streams down the woods, are located  inside the Val d’Orcia valley, 60 km from Siena. Bathing there is free and like a fairytale, if you go in late afternoon or close to evening when there is not many visitors anymore. There’s an easy path that runs along the river and provides easy access to find your perfect small bath or soak in one of three larger ones.




NP of Maremma is situated on the southwest of Tuscany. It consists of a chain of rugged hills which descends towards the sea with cliffs and unspoiled sandy beaches, surrounded by pine forests, swamps, cultivated fields and pastures. It is the place for relaxing and playing on the beautiful long beach, hiking, taking a boat trip and birdwatching, observing herds of wild horses and typical longhorned cows or practicing some outdoor activities like horseback riding, bicycling, canoe trips, windsurf, stand up paddle …


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