Lanzarote, one of the Canary islands, is an incredible impressive island. It is a very special place where you can see the force of the Nature in all its glory and respect it even more. Due to its volcanic origin, it has a fascinating landscape that was shaped by lava and looks like from another world. It has lots of stunning beaches as well – it is known as Hawaii of Europe for surfers and you can find good waves throughout the year, no matter when you visit. Like it’s neighbour island Fuerteventura, Lanzarote is a year round destination due to it’s mild weather.

César Manrique, a Lanzarote born artist and architect, gave a personal touch to many attractions of the island and his influence can be seen at major sights. It’s amazing how he managed to incorporate the volcanic formations into his artworks.

There are many great things to see in Lanzarote, our favourites were these:


Parque Nacional Timanfaya

Timanfaya is a National Park that covers 51 square kilometres of Lanzarote. The whole park surface is made of volcanic soil and everywhere you look, you see volcanoes! This unique landscape was born between 1730 and 1736 when there was a series of volcanic eruptions that occurred in Lanzarote. But the volcanic activity continues and one volcano is still active.

The landscape made of those volcanic craters is unreal, almost lunar and so impressive. But you can’t wander by yourself around the park – you have to take a guided trip or take a camel ride. These strict regulations are made to protect flora and fauna of this special place.


Playa Famara

There are numerous breathtaking beaches in Lanzarote. Playa Famara is one of them. It is a 6 km long beach, with impressive arid mountains for the backdrop, golden sand and excellent waves. It’s popular with kite and surf lovers from all over the world. There are challenging walking tracks around the Famara cliffs for hikers as well. And the beach location makes a great spot for sunset too.


Climbing on Caldera blanca

Not far from Timanfaya NP, there’s a stunning volcano you can climb – Caldera Blanca. It’s 458 m high and has the widest crater of all the volcanoes on the island. It’s a walk suitable for everybody and once you are on the top you can enjoy the 360 degree view over roughly the whole island. Looking down to the enormous crater will amaze you!


Salinas del Janubio

The Janubio salt mines are the largest in Canary Islands. They are shaped in geometric patterns, with each of salt pans producing different shades, which is especially breathtaking in the evening when sun reflects in the pools. There are many places on the road around Janubio to take panoramic photos of this amazing landscape.


Punta Mujeres

Punta Mujeres is a small fishing village in the North of Lanzarote. It’s very picturesque with its white houses and still maintains the traditional charm. Near the village there are some sea water swimming pools – rock pools. North of Punta Mujeres, on the way to Orzola there’s a wonderful little beach with shallow water, safe for children, no waves and small fish. A perfect quiet place for families.

Cesar Manrique Foundation

César Manrique was a Lanzarote native painter, architect and sculptor that made the island so different than others of Canary islands, creating unique cultural attractions. He combined art with nature, with respecting the landscape and traditions.

The Foundation was formerly César’s home, constructed on five lava bubbles and made out of volcanic materials. Now it is a modern art museum showing his artwork and other various pieces he collected throughout his life.


Jameos del Agua

The Jameos del Agua is one of the César Manrique’s masterpices. He transformed a 6 km long lava tube into a unique entertainment venue consisting an auditorium, restaurant, bar and gardens with a mysterious lake and turquoise pool. In the whole cave the acoustics are fantastic and ideal for classical concerts.


El Golfo

This attractive green lagoon is an unusual phenomenon in a gulf, where the water from the sea remained trapped and formed a small lake that became emerald green colour because of the algae that live in it. The lake colour makes an amazing contrast to the black sand and orange and black volcano cliffs in the background.


Mirador del Rio

On this stunning mountain top viewing point you can look down almost 500 meters on a beautiful archipelago of islands in one direction and a moonlike scenery on the other. You can easily reach it by car and the magnificent view will take the breath away to kids and grown ups as well.


Lanzarote is really a special place to visit. It has something for everyone. History, volcanoes, art, beaches, good food… you name it. And once you are there it’s very affordable too.