Corsica is a French island that is so diverse, you can easily explore it on its own for couple of weeks. It’s wild with its mountains, rivers and relaxing at the same time with the beautiful coastal cities, stunning beaches and rich history. It’s safe and easy to travel and that makes a great destination for anyone, especially for families with small children. Here’s our Corsica itinerary that might help you organize your trip.

Our Corsica trip started and ended in Bastia (arriving and departing by ferry from Livorno, Italy). From Bastia we headed directly to the lovely port of Bonifacio and then moved slowly trough western coast to the most northern part of Corsica – Cap Corse and than back to Bastia.

Since we were traveling with a baby, we did just a round trip and did not visited places in the inside of the island, where at that time temperatures were still quite low.

Below is our Corsica itinerary with the places we have visited.

Day 1: Bastia – Bonifacio

Day 2: Bonifacio

Day 3: Bonifacio

Day 4: Bonifacio – Roccapina – Sartene – Filitiosa

Day 5: Filitiosa

Day 6; Filitiosa – Ajaccio – Tour de la Parata – Plage d’Arone – Piana

Day 7: Piana

Day 8: Piana – Argentella

Day 9: Argentella

Day 10: Argentella – Calvi

Day 11: Calvi

Day 12; Calvi – Centuri

Day 13: Centuri

Day 14: Centuri – Macinaggio

Day 15: Macinaggio

Day 16: Macinaggio

Day 17: Macinaggio – Bastia

Corsica is doable also if you have less time than we had. You can squeeze in a week the most beautiful and interesting places. In this case we would suggest to visit Bonifacio, one of the beaches in southwestern part and Les Calanques area.

Corsica boasts affordable prices, especially if you stay in camps, buy food in supermarkets and occasionally have a meal at one of superb (bot not pricey) seafood restaurants. For this kind of traveling you will need a car – yours or rented. We were there with our own car – it was the cheapest option to get there and around the island.

We were there in late June and had some places just to ourselves. We didn’t have to book anything in advance, but if you are traveling in mid summer – beware: it can get very crowdy during italian summer break in august! 🙂