Fuerteventura is one of the Canary islands (Spain) that are situated in Atlantic ocean hundred kilometers off the coast of Saharan Africa. The island was formed by ancient volcanoes and shaped by the winds from the Sahara desert.

With its rugged, volcanic terrain, surrounded by white sandy beaches, makes a perfect holiday destination for families, couples and surfers. The wind blows constantly and cools down the warm temperatures, that is why this spanish island is a year-round place to visit.

The atmosphere is very laid back as this is one of the most popular surfing places in Europe. The best way to see the island is to rent a car and explore it on your own.

In no particular order, here are some of the top places to see in Fuerteventura with kids or without them.



Las Dunas de Corralejo are a major tourist attraction of the island. Approximately 11 kilometers covered with fine sand is a great playground for young and for old. Located just 3 km from the tourist resort town of Corralejo, it’s easily accessible by bus, taxi or bicycle.



This former capital of Fuerteventura lies in a picturesque valley next to a dried stream. Unlike a lot of other towns and villages on the island, Betancuria has quite a lot of historical and cultural heritage.



La Oliva is a village that was once the political center of Fuerteventura and you can still see some of the buildings of the colonels.

The volcanic landscape around La Oliva is stunning. The volcano that stands out is the last volcano that erupted there, around 4.000 years ago. You can hike to the crater where you will find great view.



Tefia village is home to the ‘Eco museum’ called La Alcogida. The buildings were restored using original methods and here you can see what life on the island looked like before the arrival of tourists.


5. Whale skeletons at LAS SALINAS and MORRO JABLE

There are two large whale skeletons on Fuerteventura that are particularly interesting for the kids. The first one you can find in Las Salinas, near The Museum of La Sal. The other one is located by the main road at Morro Jable, a tourist resort that has nothing else to offer to a traveler.



The small, charming little fishing village of El Cotillo has stunning beaches and lagoons that lie to the south of this little harbour town. These beaches are considered some of the best on the island.

If you head north from El Cotillo, following a dirt road, you will find a lighthouse and some interesting coast. This is the place that surfers love too.



We really liked the road from La Pared to Pajara. There are many nice views, interesting landscape and chipmunks just by the road.