Rajasthan, like all India, is a land of contrasts. But here you find marvellous places on an area that can be discovered by car or by public transport in a short period of time. We started our Rajasthan trip in Delhi, than visited Agra and took a tour of main Rajasthan cities. Altogether took us 14 days and we spent just right amount of time experiencing rich history, traditional life, customs and even a festival.

Above is the map of our journey and below is our two week Rajasthan itinerary with the places we have visited. We were there in late October which was perfect – the temperatures were pleasant and the weather was clear all the time. At the time we were in Pushkar, there was the annual Pushkar camel fair and the whole experience of the town was really special.


Day 1: Delhi – Agra

Day 2: Agra (read more about Agra here)

Day 3: Agra – Jaipur

Day 4: Jaipur (read more about Jaipur here and here)

Day 5: Jaipur – Pushkar

Day 6: Pushkar (read more about Pushkar here)

Day 7: Pushkar

Day 8: Pushkar – Jodhpur

Day 9: Jodhpur (read more about Jodhpur here)

Day 10: Jodhpur

Day 11: Jodhpur – Udaipur

Day 12: Udaipur

Day 13: Udaipur – Delhi

Day 14: Delhi

Our 5 essential things to bring with you to Rajasthan:

1. Bring some activated charcoal – sooner or later you’ll get diarrhea and in that case it comes in handy. 🙂
2. You will need multifunctional travel scarf for all that sand and dust.
3. You might find useful some tranquilizers if crazy driving scares you. 🙂
4. Don’t forget a good travel insurance (we trust Coris for almost two decades now).
5. If you are a man don’t forget to grow your moustache couple of months before your departure to Rajasthan – in Rajasthan moustache rules!


It’s so interesting to see all those epic forts and palaces and old city centres, but in the countryside there’s lot to experience too. We found many interesting villages around Pushkar, where you can take a look in everyday life of people living in rural areas.

We traveled around with rented car and a driver. Our driver Raju from Discover India by car was great, experienced and punctual. We slept in lovely hotels and guesthouses with indian charm. You can read more about the accommodation we recommend here.

Prior our departure we were very concerned about getting sick in India, that’s why we arranged a good health insurance for all three of us (read more about our chinese accident experience here and you will see why the insurance is the most important part of a traveler’s luggage and why we trust Coris). Our travel first aid kit was well stocked too. But luckily we didn’t need any of these during our travel in India!

Our trip to Rajasthan was just at the beginning of the main tourist season, but at the attractions there were already lots of visitors and hotels were booked quickly too. So be sure to book your accommodation as early as possible and visit the main sights right when they open in the morning or just before closing in the evening.

Read more about Rajasthan in our quick travel guide here.