Lively ancient cities, full of colours and noise, fairy-tale palaces, epic forts, mysterious temples, sand deserts, delicious food and colourful festivals. All this is Rajasthan. But if you spend some time soaking up the atmosphere in the cities or at the countryside, besides rich and romantic past you will find also kind, simple and smiling people who ask you about your country and family…

All this mixed together forms this magnificent region of India and makes it an ideal choice for all kind of travellers.

We visited Rajasthan right after our trip to Ladakh and it was a great contrast, they are totally different. And we enjoyed it so much.

Here in our quick travel guide to Rajasthan are some travel tips and advices that can help you organize your trip to this unique and fascinating part of the world.



Best time to visit Rajasthan is in winter time between October to March as you’ll find pleasant daytime temperatures, less humidity and cooler nights. Temperatures vary between 10°C – 35°C, depends on the month. Monsoon season is from July to September.

It was October when we were in Rajasthan and the weather was just right. Night temperatures were perfect (around 20°C) and during the daytime it was around 34°C. All the time it was sunny and dry.



The nearest international airport is in Jaipur, but the most obvious gateway airport to Rajasthan is in New Delhi, the capital city of India.

There are all sorts of transport options for getting around Rajasthan. All major cities and many smaller towns can be reached by train. But make sure to book your tickets in advance. Busses are another cheap option to travel, but are not recommended for long journeys.

Many travellers prefer to hire car with a driver. Especially if you want to visit more remote areas, smaller villages or if there are a few of you (a family) travelling together. It’s advised to hire the car with a driver from one of the recommended operators.

We rented a car with a driver for a period two and a half weeks – that way we could visit places off the beaten path, travel at our own tempo, stop wherever and whenever we liked. We had a great driver named Raju from Discover India by car. He is originally from Jodhpur and is very knowledgable about the area – from places to see to best restaurants for your budget. He was practically fulfilling every our wish.



At the moment almost every traveler needs a tourist visa to enter India. E-visa is the quickiest and the easiest way to get it. Here is the link to the website.

No special permit is needed to travel to Rajasthan.



From sleeping in the desert to fairy-tale castles – Rajasthan offers something for every taste and budget. But make sure you book your preferred accommodation in advance! But when you book your room online, keep in mind that there’s tax on Rajasthan accommodations. Read about our favourite accommodation here.



Rajasthan cuisine is rich and delicious. From veggie curries and spicy meats to yummy sweets. Be sure to pick popular places to avoid food poisoning.



It is not advisable to travel by night on the highways.

In Jodhpur pay attention to street dogs during the morning and evening hours. They can get very aggressive in that period of time and an advice we got from a local was to carry stones in the pockets to make them go away and to not run away from them.



It seems everybody is concerned about getting sick in India. It’s advisable to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhois and Tetanus. In dry season there’s no problem with Malaria, but in monsoon season in rural areas there are some risks. Consult with your doctor about it. When we travel, we always use hand sanitiser, we don’t drink tap water and only eat fruits and vegetables that can be peeled, everything else has to be cooked. We ate only vegetarian and we didn’t get sick following all these rules in India.