Many people doesn’t know this, but Oman is a very family friendly travel destination. You can see a lot of things in a short time. These are 5 of our favorites if you travel to Oman with kids and are really in lack of time.

Every child likes playing in the sand, building castles, roads, tunnels … And deserts world wide offer all of this and even more. The biggest sandboxes in the world and the most funny slides. And if such a desert lies beside a beautiful sea, the fun gets even bigger. The White Desert lies south of the fishing village of Al Khaluf and it’s accessible only by foot or by a 4×4 wheel drive. There is no infrastructure, but because of this, it’s even more attractive. This is one of the most beautiful locations for wild camping in Oman.


Wadi Shab, a canyon north of the town of Tiwi is just another of the must see places in Oman – if you are traveling with or without kids. The scenery in the canyon is absolutely fantastic – orange-red coloured rocks and in the middle of it there is an emerald green river. And the most interesting thing is – the water temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. The path through the canyon is not tough, just in some parts slight caution is required due to overhanging walls.


A visit to Oman would not be complete without a visit to one of the traditional souqs. If the market day in Nizwa is already well-known among tourists, the market in Sinaw is a real thing to get the best insight to the local scene. Camels, interesting fish market full of sharks and other “monsters”, shops full od sweet dates – these are just a few of the wonderful things that will be interesting to even the most demanding children. 🙂


We all know the fairy tales of 1001 nights. And when you visit Fortress Jabrin you get the feeling like you’re a part of one of these stories. The fortress is small, but perhaps because of this even more beautiful. I suggest you to discover all the hidden rooms and hallways along with the curious children’s eyes. And maybe you’ll relive a fairy tale from that book.


If you do not have time for long-term exploration of Oman and would like to see a real traditional village – Balad Sayt is the right thing for you. In the valley between cliffs, lies a magical village, surrounded with date palms and green fields. Just only walking through the village is magical. Beside this you can observe locals doing their everyday activities, children playing soccer … The most beautiful hours are at the end of the day, when the temperature falls down and the village comes to live in all its glory.


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