Once a month we would like to introduce you a family that inspires us. This time we interviewed the McEvoy family that we admire for a long time now. Their energy, their courage (I will never forget the story how Christina took 5 kids hiking to the middle of the desert of Escalante, USA, all by herself and they hiked for 7 hours) and their adventures as a family are so inspiring! I am so happy to be able to present them to you. Keep on reading – their answers are so interesting and might make you to go outside and explore the world!


1. Can you introduce yourself in 5 sentences? (who are you, where are you from, how many kids and pets do you have, how old are they, what does your family like to do in your free time)

Hello! We are the McEvoys and live in Idaho, USA. We have two boys (ages 11 and 8) and a dog (Labrador retriever)!  We love living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA because there is so much to explore and do in the outdoors! Our family is all about outdoor activities and adventuring–we love hiking, camping, skiing, biking, rafting–to name a few.  We also LOVE to travel and try to go as much as possible.  We do a lot of travel in the States (especially the West coast), but we also try to get out of the country as much as our time and budget allow! In our free time, we are involved in our boys’ various sports and activities or hanging out with family and friends.


2. What was your most adventurous trip till now?

Our favorite trip so far has been to Costa Rica which was in 2015.  We spent two weeks in the jungle and mountains and then the beach doing everything we possibly could!  We rapelled over multiple waterfalls (the tallest being 200 ft!), went river rafting down some Class IV rapids, zip lined over a canopy rain forest, surfed, snorkeled, hiked, went horseback riding and even relaxed at some hot springs below an active volcano.  This trip was right up our alley because it was action packed and all about adventure!  We also loved the beautiful culture of Costa Rica, the food, and of course, the beautiful landscape and diverse wildlife.  We can’t wait to go back!


3. What would you recommend to travellers to your country to visit? Any special places/hidden gems only locals know?

The USA has so many wonderful and unique places to visit.  We aren’t big into  big cities, we love exploring the National Parks and diverse landscapes (mountains, forests, lakes, deserts, ocean).  One of our favorite places to visit is Southern Utah because there are so many incredible places to see in a small geographical area!  We love Bryce National Park with the unique and distinct hoodoos (our favorite trails are the Navajo and Queens Garden Loop, and the Fairytale loop, all such spectacular scenery!).  Zions National Park is also equally incredible and a must-see.  One hike that is beyond epic there is the Narrows. The Narrows are tall slot canyons that you hike through (in water!).  Most people just hike the bottom few miles up the river.  We recommend getting a permit and backpacking the entire route from top to bottom!  It is a life changing experience.  We also love the slot and hidden canyons in Grand Staircase-Escalante (Peekaboo, Spooky, Zebra Canyons to name a few).  And of course, you can’t beat Arches and Canyonlands National Parks too!  For more rugged mountains, we love Glacier National Park in Northern Montana!  The mountains there are a sight to behold.  Our favorite hike there is Grinnell Glacier, which a rather long and difficult hike (especially with kids) but totally worth the amazing views and wildlife that you will see along the way.  Not to mention the out-of-this-world beautiful glacier at the top!  We also love exploring the waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon (the Eagle trail, Multnomah Falls loop, Wahclella Falls are some of our favorites), the Oregon coast is just spectacular to drive, and in Washington the Olympic National Park is a must-see destination with the rugged beaches, the incredible marine life, and the famous Hoh Rainforest!  These are just a FEW of our favorite places to explore in the U.S.


4. What advice would you give to families that want to travel or go outdoors, but have too many excuses or fears to do it?

My advice to other families who want to do more outdoors activities is to start exposing your kids while they are young!  Our kids don’t know any different because we started camping and hiking (amongst other things) when they were very little.  We started with small hikes and then as they got older, worked up to longer and harder hikes.  Sure, they still complain sometimes (they are kids after all), but we make sure to take short breaks, bring snacks and treats (bribes always help!), and of course, encourage them along the way.  It also helps to hike with friends because kids are more distracted and having fun! The end effort is always worth it and the memories we have created outdoors together are some of our most cherished.  There is something about disconnecting from the world and connecting in nature as a family that really brings us closer together.  We love it more than anything in the world!


You can find them on Instagram: @macs_explore

Thank you Christina for sharing your story and adventures with us! I really hope we will meet someday also in real life and maybe have some adventures together!